2015 – Frelichs

By | May 9, 2018

Mike and Kathy Frelich live on a farm just North of Devils Lake ND. They have three daughters; Rachel, Breanna, and Emily. Mike grew up as the youngest of seven, on a small farmstead North of Crary, ND. After college, Mike worked for Lake Region Grain up until he started farming with his father, Alex Frelich in 1994. Mike farmed with his father until Alex’s passing in 2005. Mike has continued to farm, raising soybeans, barley, canola, and occasionally wheat and corn. He is a 4th generation farmer. Before encountering NRCS and the Soil Conservation District in 2013, Mike was already practicing no-till and experimenting with cover crop. Mike began looking into some programs and saw that he could benefit by enrolling his land in CSP and EQIP. He is taking measures to improve his soil quality and has been happy with the results. The efforts of his work will benefit air and water quality for years to come. Mike has made a great start into his programs and we look forward to seeing his accomplishments through NRCS and the SCD.

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