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2019 – Myklebust Family

The Ramsey County SCD 2019 achievement winners are Lee and Nancy Myklebust along with their children Greta and Lewis.  Their 4th generation farm is east of Starkweather, ND where they grow small grains, corn, soybeans, and peas.  In addition, they have an 80 head cow/calf operation. The Myklebust’s are always looking for ways to improve… Read More »

2018 – Buchmeier Family

Steve and Kristy Buchmeier, along with their boys Brett and Blake, operate this 3rd generation farm, growing small grains, canola, beans, and corn. The Buchmeier’s are always looking for ways to improve conservation on their family farm.  They have been participants in the RCPP 49th Parallel Cover Crop Project: “How Far North Can We Grow”… Read More »

2017 – Cox Family

Cox Farms is the Ramsey County SCD achievement winner for 2017.  Mike and his bother Patrick run a Livestock and grain operation along the shores of Devils Lake.  The Cox’s have been working to improve soil quality by reducing tillage and adding cover crops to their already diverse rotation, and are participants in the 49th… Read More »

2016 – Friths

Establishing himself in farming in 2005, Paul Frith is a 4th generation farmer. Along with his brother Dan Frith, they produce a diverse rotation of wheat, barley, corn, soybeans, and pinto beans near Devils Lake, ND. As part of being a good steward of God’s land, they are working hard to conserve it. Going minimum… Read More »

2015 – Frelichs

Mike and Kathy Frelich live on a farm just North of Devils Lake ND. They have three daughters; Rachel, Breanna, and Emily. Mike grew up as the youngest of seven, on a small farmstead North of Crary, ND. After college, Mike worked for Lake Region Grain up until he started farming with his father, Alex… Read More »

2014 – Aanstads

Brian & Michelle Aanstad along with their children Katie and Luke are operating a three generation farm in Northfield Township by Hampden, ND. Their farm was recognized as a North Dakota Centennial Farm in 2007, it has been owned by the Aanstad family for more than 100 years. Brian has been operating this farm since… Read More »

2013 – Stubbes

The Stubbe’s are operating a 3rd generation farm NE of Devils Lake, ND. Jarrod’s grandfather, Charles Stubbe, purchased the farm in 1946 and planted most of the farmstead trees himself. Ron Stubbe then took over the farm until 1997 when Jarrod began farming. Jarrod has been no-till farming for the past 10 years with a… Read More »

2012 – Scot & Pam Brekke and Ryan & Melissa Brekke

EDMORE, ND Family Farm: The Brekkes are part of the CSP program Homesteaded in 1898, Scot and Pam’s grandchildren are the 6th generation living on the 114 year old farm. They produce Wheat, Barley, Corn, Canola, Pinto Beans, and Soybeans on 4500 arces. Over the years, Scot and Pam have had a passion for planting… Read More »