Our Mission

To provide leadership in the conservation of our natural resources through educational and technical assistance to individuals within our districts.

Our Organization

Ramsey County Soil Conservation District offers assistance with windbreaks, educational programs, and by assisting farmers in any questions they may have about conserving their land for the future.

Oversight and direction is given by our Board of Supervisors, who establishes policies and directs those employed by the Soil Conservation District.

Why Conservation

Conservation is important to everyone. We emphasize protection of our natural resources while emphasizing correct use of what we have.  Our goal is to help maintain the quality of our lives by placing an important emphasis on conservation, this conservation starts at the ground with soil. Soil maintains our livelihood in Ramsey County and should be treated with such respect.

Our natural resources are limited and the amount of resources per person will decrease over time as our population increases. Placing an emphasis on conservation now can influence the future quality of life for all citizens. Conservation Districts are the forefront of our environmental legacy.

All members of the ND Soil Conservation Districts are democratically elected.  The Soil Conservation District is a legal subdivision of the Sate of North Dakota, organized under the North Dakota Soil Conservation Districts Law enacted in 1937 and as later amended.  These local Soil Conservation Districts are managed by a board of supervisors elected by local constituents.

Soil Conservation Districts are responsible for carrying out a program of soil and water conservation on cooperating farms within the district boundaries.  The Soil Conservation District is supported by charges for some services, and can levy taxes.


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